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032318 RMS Friday Focus

Thank you for the support and flexibility this week. I'm grateful for the efforts of the Hanover Police Department and the other agencies as well. Like with any incident or drill we will examine our response via our school safety committee and district administrative team. There are always adjustments to be made and opportunities to be better.

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031618 RMS Friday Focus

Short message this week. I've just returned from a wonderful couple days with Hanover High School students on a March Intensive. I was fortunate to join a group of eighteen students (most former RMS students) on a three-day backpacking trip in the White Mountains. Deep snow, snowshoe hikes, hut dinners, and great memories all around. I've always been a supporter of March Intensive and this was my first opportunity to share in the experience. I'm grateful that our high school students get this week organized around learning for fun, making new friends, and building new relationships with adults in their building, community, and beyond.

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030918 RMS Friday Focus

This week the voters in Hanover and Norwich voted to approve the adopted 18-19 Dresden school budget which includes RMS. We appreciate the support of the community at the polls, in community conversations, and more generally through direct support and volunteering. We know how fortunate we are to have the level of community support for public education we enjoy. In addition, we understand the responsibility that comes with that endorsement and we will continue to work to improve and maximize the use of the resources we receive. In short, thank you Hanover and Norwich!

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Important Announcements


Before pre-registering please call the school for necessary information.

The following is for any new families attending Norwich/Hanover for the very first time. If your child is currently enrolled with one of the SAU 70 schools then pre-registration is not necessary,

Are you interested in enrolling your children with the SAU 70 schools in Dresden, Hanover, and Norwich for 2018-2019? Then here is the online pre-registration form to fill out and submit for each child.

Thank you!

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Bridget Peters

As many of you know, your health insurance provider, VEHI, sponsors a web-based wellness program, called PATH. This is a self-paced program to help you learn, have fun, and to encourage healthy habits, and is open to all employees, whether or not they are on school's insurance. You can earn points by doing various activities, some of which you may be doing already! If you earn 200 or more PATHpoints by June 30, 2018, you will be rewarded with a $100 gift card from L. L. Bean!

-To get started, go to www.tomypath.com, and login or set up a new account. (If you already have an account but don't remember your login information, call PATH at 802-223-5040 x214.)

-Once you are logged in, I encourage you to explore the site, including the FAQs, and get started earning points! See the "How to Earn Points" handout (attached) for a summary of all of your opportunities. Keep an eye on the calendar, some of the activities have start and end dates for participation.

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Bridget Peters

We appreciate your patience while our Wellness Team puts the finishing touches on the new NHIT Wellness Portal.

We appreciate your patience while our Wellness Team puts the finishing touches on the new NHIT Wellness Portal.

The startup of the portal has taken longer than expected and many participants have been holding their submissions. You may now submit your reimbursements/incentives requests as before.

Please submit your payment request forms for activities you have completed. Your requests will be paid by check through the NHIT (by Albert C Jones Employee Benefits). You may continue to send these requests to the NHIT until further notice.

Incentives/Reimbursements may be submitted by:

Email: wellness@nhitrust.org
Fax: (800) 229-6902
Mail: NH Interlocal Trust ATTN: Wellness Reimbursements PO Box 4090 Concord, NH 03302

Note: All Benefit Strategies Wellness Reward cards have been deactivated and are no longer in use. (This does not affect FSA/HRA cards or accounts you have with Benefit Strategies) **During this time we expect many new wellness requests and processing may take longer than usual .** Updated information on when the NHIT's Wellness Portal will go live will be coming soon!

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