1950: Hanover School Board publication: "Children, Schools, Dollars" interstate district first proposed.

November 14, 1963: Dresden School District formed, first interstate district in USA. Congressional approval and signature of President Kennedy required.

1970-1971: Bernice A. Ray School opened. Students voted to name new middle school after Frances C. Richmond, librarian and 6th grade teacher.

1971-1972: First year of Richmond Middle School, grades 5-8.

1973-1974: Budget preparation difficult, rising fuel prices, 5th grade moved to Ray School.

1975-1976: Renovation of RMS building, Open Classroom concept.

1977-1978: First staff development committee formed.

1978-1979: First RMS Student Handbook published. HHS renovation.

1980-1981: First concise RMS curriculum written. First RMS student council formed.

1982-1983: Role expansion for HHS department chairs to include coordination with RMS staff. HHS receives Excellence in Education Award.

1983-1984: Corridors returned to the RMS building. Integration of computer education into curriculum.

1984-1985: First year of grade level teams. Writing process added to English curriculum. Spanish added to RMS curriculum, temporarily.

1985-1986: Spanish added to HHS, RMS science rooms renovated.

1987-1988: 100th graduating class from HHS. First failed Dresden budget.

1988-1989: Excellence in Education Award for RMS. Marion Cross added addition due to rising enrollment. 25th anniversary of Dresden School District.

1991-1992: Three to one vote to use Australian Ballot method in Dresden. Debate about user fees at HHS and RMS.

1992-1993: Enrollment rapidly rising. Discussion about new facility, program, and staffing.

1995-1996: Facilities Committee started to study sites and building proposals for new/renovated HHS and RMS.

July 1, 1998: SAU #70 School District formed: Hanover and Norwich only.

1998-1999: Excellence in Education Award for RMS. Public Facilities Award presented to public. Recommendation to keep both schools on Lebanon Street site.

October 17, 2000: Postponed bond vote for negotiations with Dartmouth College. New Dresden Building Committee formed.

2000-2001: Bond for athletic fields in Norwich passed by one vote.

November 27, 2001: Two options presented to voters: both schools relocated ti Reservoir Road or RMS on Lyme Road and HHS on Lebanon Street site.

2003-2004: Bond vote passed for new RMS and renovated HHS. Ground broken on Lyme Road site.

2004-2005: Construction of new middle school. Spanish added back to RMS curriculum. Packing and moving to RMS. Summer office on Lyme Road.

2005-2006: First year in new Richmond Middle School. Geese mobile and metaphor adopted. Dedication of the Hemberger/White Gallery, beginnings of a memorial garden.

2006-2007: RMS bell refurbished and installed. Susan Finer, principal of 22 years, retired. RMS became host site for the Prouty.

(Prepared by Terry Thompson)