The Richmond School is divided into grade-level teams for academic courses: sixth grade, seventh grade, and eighth grade, plus the elective team. Teachers of each team meet four times a week to discuss team curriculum and students. Parents are welcome to request a meeting with their child’s teachers at these times.

The school year is divided into nine-week quarters. English, math, science, social studies, French and Spanish are taught as full-year courses. Electives are offered by the quarter.

Grade 6 Overview

Sixth grade is the first year in a new school. Each student has his/her own individual schedule. As students begin to make the transition from concrete to abstract thinking, the sixth grade team works hard to make the year comfortable, stimulating and academically challenging.

Teachers keep parents informed about classes and school events through regular updates to the Student Portal, Schoology, and the school website. Staff members encourage parents to help their children succeed by establishing a regular time and place for daily quiet study in the home.

All sixth graders take yearlong courses in English, math, social studies, science, physical education, art, and music. Students also take Spanish unless exempted by an Individualized Educational Plan. They are required to take computer literacy once a week, one quarter of developmental guidance, and three quarters of health all of which foster the skills and strategies students need to be effective in middle school. Each quarter students also choose courses from the fine and practical arts program.

Grade 7 Overview

Seventh grade is a year of transitions. Students from Norwich and Hanover are together in classrooms for the first time. They are expected to show more independence with work, and they are challenged to think abstractly.

All seventh graders study English, social studies, math, French or Spanish, science, one quarter each of guidance and health, and two quarters of computer literacy. English classes meet daily, with a double period twice a week, which allows students extra time to focus on writing and literature. Each quarter students may elect courses in the fine and practical arts.

Grade 8 Overview

Eighth grade students have developed many of the basic academic skills and the confidence they need to pursue more independent work. The eighth grade staff members encourage confidence in each learner by creating opportunities for students to direct their own studies.

All eighth graders take English, math, social studies, French or Spanish, science, and one quarter each of guidance and health. Students spend nine periods a week in English, and this time is divided between writing and reading. Each quarter, students may elect courses in the fine and practical arts.