Remote Learning

Welcome to our Remote Learning Page!  The purpose of this page is to share information to help both students and parents navigate the world of Remote Learning at RMS.

We will update this page as needed.  Please check back often. 

Learning Menus:  Learning menus are the best place to get started to plan for the academic week ahead.  Every week, each grade level team creates a Learning Menu containing upcoming work assignments and also when virtual meetings will be held.  This is the best place to get started when creating your schedule for the week ahead.  Learning Menus are released every Monday Morning via email and via Schoology.  Below is an example of the 7th grade Learning Menu.

Sample of 7th grade remote learning menu

Schoology:  Schoology is our Learning Management System (LMS) and there you will find specific information about assignments, online forums, and general announcements and notices.  Below are a series of videos to help familiarize you with the platform and address frequently asked questions.


Student Luca Callnan submitted the video below as part of the Submarine Challenge for science class.  Way to go, Luca!


Student Jasper Holtzheimer submitted his art project created in Minecraft.