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Library FAQs

When Can I Come to the Library?

The Library is open from 7:30 every morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. We close at 2:30 on Wednesdays. After school study is held in the library from 3:00 to 5:00 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

You can come to the library before school, during snack, and recess without a pass. During study hall or class, you can ask your teacher for a pass to the library. You will also come as a whole class sometimes for research or book talks.

How Do I Check Out a Book?

First you need to find the book you want. You can browse the shelves, ask for a suggestion, fill out a Book Bundle form (this can take a few days) or search the catalog, Follett Destiny, by Author, Title, Keyword or Subject. Once you find your book(s), bring it to the front counter and Cris or Mrs. Putnam-Pouliot will check it out to you.

How Many Books Can I Check Out?

You can check out 5 books at once. This is a flexible limit. If you need books for a school project, they won't count towards your total. If you are going on vacation and need more than 5, you can check out more.

How Long Can I Have My Books?

Books can be checked out for 3 weeks. If you need them for longer, bring them in and we will renew them. 

What if My Book is Late, Damaged, or Lost?

We do not charge fines for late books, but we do like to have them back so other kids can read them. If you need more than 3 weeks, please bring your book in and renew it. I

f the book is damaged, please bring it in and we will try to fix it. If we can't fix it, we usually do not charge you unless the damage was on purpose.

If the book is lost, we charge a $10.00 fee to replace it.