Foods and Nutrition

The term "organized chaos" is often used to describe a foods class in motion. This sense comes from the 18 - 21 students working in six kitchen teams to complete a recipe in the 40 minute class period. Students seek equipment from one of the three supply racks and ingredients from a trapezoid table placed in the middle of the room. Students seek input of their peers, observe other groups and ask questions to determine next steps and solve problems. My response to student questions about procedure is often "What do the directions say?" My goal is to write clear directions so with knowledge of vocabulary explained at the beginning of class students can successfully complete the recipe.

As a teacher, a cook and someone who is passionate about healthy food.  I believe with basic knowledge, some self confidence, and careful following of a well written recipe anyone can prepare food. Preparing food from ingredients (not simply opening packages) is a life skill which allows you to nourish your body.

There are so many food related topics I attempt to tie into foods and nutrition classes. Each quarter classes have different names and a slightly different focus but my overall goal is to build food preparation skills and confidence while encouraging students to think about food topics. Students are encouraged to explore essential questions like: What influences a countries diet? How does the way food is raised, processed and transported and eaten impact both people and the environment? or What is needed to make sure food is safe?