6th Grade Health

Each Richmond 6th grade student spends one class a week for three quarters of the school year in the Living Arts classroom participating in 6th grade Health.

Through active role plays students are encouraged to rehearse assertive communication. The primary goal is to increase the ability to advocate effectively for oneself. Role plays use situations and decisions teens may be faced with. Throughout the class periods together it is stressed I hope they are not faced with tough teen pressures anytime soon but I want them to have thought about and rehearsed possible responses.

The next unit of study is nutrition. The focusing concepts of balance, variety and moderation are connected to other aspects of wellness as we recognize eating a healthful diet is just one part of taking care of oneself. Together we explore the 6 essential nutrients. While examining each nutrient we prepare a recipe to reinforce ideas like hydration, whole grains, eating a rainbow, etc. Students build basic food preparation skills during this unit as well.

The last unit examines the skills necessary to stay safely on ones own and respond to basic first aid emergencies.  As with previous units strong communication and skills are emphasized.