• RMS After School Study (Coordinator: Mr. Lacrosse) M, T, TH 3-5p in the LMC - Free!
  • Acapella Club (Advisor: Mr. Lacrosse)
  • AM Open Gym (Advisors: Mr. Atkinson and Mr. Lepene)
  • Classic Film Appreciation Club (Advisor: Mr. Alloway)
  • "Comida y Conversación" (Advisors: Sra Madory y Sra. Mills)
  • Library Advisory Board (Advisor: Mrs. Putnam-Pouliot)
  • Lunchtime Book Club (Advisor: Mrs. Putnam-Pouliot)
  • Math Team (Advisor: Mr. Kitzmiller)
  • Model United Nations (Advisor: Ms. Fisher)
  • Quiz Bowl Team (Advisor: Mrs. Lovejoy)
  • RMS Spring Play (Advisor: Ms. Emmerton)
  • Robotics (Advisor: Mrs. Desaulniers)
  • Student Council (Advisor: Mr. Lacrosse, Mrs. Lepene, and Ms. Wood)
  • Student Newspaper (Advisor: Ms. Hadden and Mr. Lacrosse)
  • Talent Shows (Advisor: Mr. Lacrosse)
  • Yearbook Club (Advisors: Ms. Gaines and Mrs. Bates)
*Sports programs are facilitated by the town recreation departments and local club organizations.

Model UN
The Model UN club is designed to prepare students to attend a Model UN conference with hundreds of other students, where they will participate in a simulation of the United Nations. Our students will represent a country and propose solutions to issues of global importance, such as improving access to education and finding non-violent resolutions to conflicts. The club meets after school one day per week where students prepare, are taught and practice skills in research, writing, and speaking.

Quiz Bowl
Quiz Bowl, a competitive extension of our RMS elective, is geared toward students who enjoy "ready recall" of information relating to current events, science, history, literature and trivia. Quiz Bowl aims to help students enjoy individual and team competition, to respect each other's performance, to use their brains with humility, learn to love learning for its own sake and develop their own inquiry skills.

Quiz Bowl is open to all students who have taken, or, are currently enrolled in the Quiz Bowl elective. Students will commit to competing with their dedicated team(s) at various tournament events scheduled throughout the school year. Beginning the 2nd week of September, we meet 3 times weekly: 1 day after school and 2 lunch drills/practice. TBD. Attendance is mandatory. Throughout the school year, students prepare and compete in tournaments against other schools- both in-state and out-of-state. In addition, RMS student teams will host, participate, and compete in the RMS Open Invitational Tournament.

Comida y Conversación
"Comida y Conversacion" is a lunch group for Spanish students designed to practice and enhance their language skills. The group meets every Friday and participates in a variety of activities including cooking projects, playing board games, watching movies, and celebrating Spanish and Latino holidays, all while speaking Spanish.

Student Council
The Student Council organizes school dances, spirit days, talent shows, and community service activities. Student Council also plays a role in orientation for incoming 5th graders from Hanover and 6th graders from Norwich. Participation in Student Council helps students develop leadership skills and helps add a "student voice" to the work that we do.

Lunchtime Book Club
Books, Books, Books... Book Club is an informal group of both staff and students who meet during lunch on Wednesdays in the LMC. Together they discuss books that they are reading and also make book recommendations to others.

Outside the Classroom
RMS offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities which allows students opportunities and experiences that both supplement and extend beyond the classroom. Club offerings may vary from year to year based on interest and participation.

AM Open Gym
Start each morning at 7:30am with some physical activity- options include basketball and/or soccer. Students are also welcome to sit on the bleachers to socialize, relax, or do some last minute studying. Open gym ends promptly at 7:55am.

Green Lunch
Group of students who meet for lunch to discuss ways to make our school a more sustainable community. The green lunches select a theme for the year, ranging from reducing waste to conserving energy, and work to educate the community on ways to reduce our environmental footprint. By designing informational posters and leading all school events, these students are dedicated to raising awareness about our environmental impacts and inspiring change.

RMS Robotics
RMS Robotics is an after-school enrichment experience that follows the First Lego League (FLL) program. FLL captures the natural curiosity and creativity of our students while combining this curiosity with real-world issues, research, and teamwork activities. The goal is to put RMS students in a position of identifying and creating innovative solutions to big problems. Each year, approximately 50 RMS students participate in the 12-week challenge season. All teams compete at a qualifying event held at Dartmouth College in November. Some RMS teams advance to the NH State Championship each December.

Math Team
Each week a group of students meet and have fun with Math. They do an hour of competition math and half hour of math games. On occasion, our RMS team competes against other schools- either online or in person. The group is a mix of serious competitors and students who are there to socialize and have fun with math.

Spring Play
Each year the RMS stage becomes Broadway in May for two evenings for the annual Spring play. The play involves approximately 30 students who have important roles both on and off stage. Rehearsals take place three days a week. The play is produced and directed by our theatre arts teacher, and design and technical support is provided by other members of the elective team.

The RMS Goose
The RMS Goose is our student newspaper, published by and for our students. The Goose publishes approximately 4 times per year, meeting regularly during lunch to work on the latest publication. On their own time students collect information, take photographs, conduct surveys, interview students and teachers, write articles, and design the layout(s).

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